An Analysis of Dominant Working Styles in Different Professions in Macedonia

Marina Pavlovska


A convenience sample of 90 employees working as Economists, Legal Advisors or IT Experts withinthree companies in Skopje, Macedonia completed the Working Styles Questionnaire(Hay 1992) and it was found that there were statistically significant differences in working style preferences between the professions.  These differences are discussed in relationship to the National Nomenclature of Professions of Macedonia (State StatisticalOffice 2011) and implications for human resources management are briefly reviewed.  Limitations are identified relating to the size and specific location of the subjects.  It is concluded that the hypothesis that there will be differences between dominant working styles of the professions is accepted.  An explanation is included which clarifies the distinction between drivers (Kahler & Capers 1974,Kahler 1975, 2008) and working styles (Hay & Williams 1989, Hay 1993,2009).

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