Research into professional outcomes for psychotherapists trained at a centre for psychotherapy and transactional analysis in Italy

Ugo De Ambrogio, Carla Dessi


The authors developed a questionnaire and analysed professional outcomes for 98 former students who completed trainings in psychotherapy and transactional analysis, recognised by the Italian Ministry of University & Research, during the past 15 years at the Centre of Psychology and Transactional Analysis in Milan.  Statistical results were discussed with others and factors reviewed included how students managed in the world of work, and the positive results and critical elements of applying transactional analysis in psychotherapy.  Profess-ional life facts emerge in terms of a recognisable identity, ethical attention and satisfaction with the application of tools learned.  Flexibility in coping with stimuli and issues met in professional practice, and the desire to have an exchange with colleagues and between different theoretical models, are also identified.

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