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We are very keen to maintain the open access nature of IJTARP. Our intention is to make TA research and practice available outside the TA community as well as inside. We have obtained the Gold Seal of the Directory of Open Access Journals. Because we are open access, authors retain full ownership of their articles, and can display them wherever they wish, including on Academia where they are available to over 60 million readers.

Publishing a journal costs money. Publishers typically limit the ways in which authors can use their own materials once they have been published in a journal. To publish open access can cost the author, or their institution, US$ 2-3000 per article.

Until 2017 IJTARP was fully funded by EATA – the European Association for Transactional Analysis. It was launched by EATA Council in 2010 and in 2012 EATA Executive Committee agreed that practice could be included as well as research (although apparently they forgot to tell the EATA Council this!). When this decision was implemented in 2017, EATA Council reacted negatively, with the result that funding during 2018 was obtained from a different source. That source was a non-profit educational foundation which cannot afford to continue funding at the level required. EATA Council in 2018 rejected a request for support and an adequate budget.

The running costs are now about £20,000 p.a. This money is spent on hosting, memberships of relevant databases, procedures for allocating DOIs, the IT support for the publication processes, and similar costs where money must be paid to others. The work of the Editor, the Editorial Board/Reviewers, and the all-important authors, is voluntary. Previously payments were made for Abstracts to be translated into 4 languages chosen by EATA Council. A volunteer has provided translation into Russian and in future Abstract translations will be provided voluntarily (and the languages provided will include some non-European).

We have well over 2000 registered readers (and many more who use the open access to read without registering) . To raise our running costs would require each of you to donate £10. However, many of our readers are in areas of the world which are economically disadvantaged. IJTARP Editor is the same person who, as a past president of both EATA and ITAA, introduced the idea of the TAlent (with credit for the idea to Jenni and Mervyn Hine). The TAlent is the name given to the scheme whereby discounts are given to those in economically disadvantaged areas of the world; currently this can be done easily based on the purchasing power indices published by We invite our readers to support the TAlent in operation for IJTARP – if you live in an area of the world where the purchasing power is high, maybe you could donate more than £10 so that those elsewhere can donate less.

We hope that you will want to maintain the existence of IJTARP. We hope that you recognise the value of having an independent journal publishing TA research and practice. We hope that you agree with us that the TA community needs open access publishing to reach out and share TA.  

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